Eyebrow Microblading Denver



When you come for your appointment please come with your eyebrows filled in the way you usually wear them if you do so. From there I measure to make sure eyebrows are in line with your eyes, and work with your bone structure. Certain areas of the brow may need to be trimmed to allow the shape to take form. The process of designing the eyebrows takes the most time out of the procedure because we need to pick a shape and thickness that will suit your face, while also ensuring symmetry and overall satisfaction. Once we have decided on a shape, I apply numbing cream to your brows and skin around it, and let sit for about 10-20 minutes. Then I remove the numbing cream on one brow first and begin microblading to get the shape we desire. From there I keep switching sides, adding numbing cream as we go to help with any discomfort. The appointment can take anywhere from 2- 2.5 hours at minimum.

eyelash extensions


Eyelash extensions are perfect for day-to-day wear as well as special occasions for longer, thicker, luscious and natural looking eyelashes without the hassle of applying and removing mascara. We strive to use only the best products on the market and follow the training of the leading eyelash-extension company.

For the initial application, we recommend a full set of eyelash extensions. Touch-ups should be every 2-4 weeks. A natural lash typically sheds every 2-2½ months and is replaced with the growth of a new eyelash. Eyelash extensions are applied one-by-one to lashes that are about midway through their growth cycle. So, after 2-4 weeks, approximately 1/3 of your lashes will have cycled out (depending on your individual lash growth cycle.) Touch-upsare considered necessary for lashes that have completed their life cycle.

waxing and hair removal denver


There are many benefits to waxing versus other forms of hair removal. Waxing is considered the most effective method for removing unwanted hair and the most cost efficient. Waxing removes hair form the roots, so it takes longer for new hair to grow back. Generally, it takes three to eight weeks for new hair to grow back, varying from person to person and skin type. Waxing ensures long periods of smooth, silky and hair free skin. After waxing the new hair that grows back are soft and fine and waxing does not cause stubble which is usually associated with shaving. Aside from removing unwanted hair, waxing also removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin.

waxing and hair removal denver


Brandy understands that her services are a unique experience and her passion is to deliver the best brows and beauty in the industry to all of her clients that visit her studio, b wax.lash.brows.

Since 2005 Brandy Manning, Esthetician, has specialized in skin wellness, waxing, eyelash extension and microblading. Brandy has earned certification from the Eye Design of New York in Microblading Training and another in Advanced Microblading Training. She has also mastered the ability of Brow Design.

Brandy attended Eastern Michigan University and is a proud Colorado native. She realized early on where she wanted her profession to go: helping women – and men – achieve newfound self-confidence and beauty. With b wax.lash.brows outstanding services, competitive prices and attentive follow-up, Brandy is doing just that.